About The Leica Meet

The Leica Meet is a group formed by a common love of Leica photography. The founders met on Flickr, met up to shoot together and invited a few friends and the group grew from there.

Since then it has become more formal, but still just as friendly, and has found purpose in as much as shooting projects, donating photography and photographic proceeds to charity and educating newcomers to photography on the benefits of shooting rangefinders and using good lenses.

Whilst there is no stipulation on members to be advanced photographers, there is a wealth of talent and knowledge within the group that is there to be shared and newcomers will find the members more than willing to educate or give advice both on photographic techniques and on cameras and lenses.

The group is still in its infancy and is always open to new ideas, so please join and get involved and let's meet up.

Joining is easy

The only stipulations for becoming a member of The Leica Meet are:

1 : You shoot with either a Leica M, X, S, T or CL camera.

2 : You are serious about your photography


If you qualify on both those levels, joining couldn't be simpler. There are two ways you can join...

Next Meet


22nd + 23rd June 2018

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