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Welcome to The Leica Meet

A group. A photographic philosophy. A bunch of friends.

The Leica Meet is a group of Leica photographers that meet up. Simple really. We get together every month or so in different locations and shoot, share experiences, chat, learn and laugh.

It is a very relaxed group.

Membership does not dictate that you must attend meets or participate in our Flickr and Facebook groups, nor does it dictate that you must be an experienced photographer. In fact the only things required by membership are that you shoot Leica and take photography seriously.

Seriously... but with a smile.

Membership Rules

Dead simple... Shoot Leica.

The Leica Meet was founded by a group of photographers who shoot Leica. It was the sole purpose for meeting... to share their Leica experience and their love of the red dot.

So to stay true to this founding principle, the only qualifying rule of membership in The Leica Meet is you shoot a Leica camera from the M, X or S ranges. Lenses are up to you.

If you shoot Leica and
love your photography
your'e more than welcome!

The New Leica M

Now Readily Available from Authorised Leica Retailers

A proud moment for the Leica Meet group!

Two of our members will be co-teaching a one week workshop, starting June 14th at Maine Media College, one of the primary photographic educational institutions in the world.

Eileen McCarney Muldoon (fine art/travel photographer, based in Rhode Island, USA) and Olaf Willoughby (one of our admins, photographer, writer and researcher, London, UK) will run a course on Collaborative Creativity. How to breathe fresh life into your work, break creative block and explore new ways of seeing.

Find out more here

Next Meet

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